Just a head’s up, in case you haven’t already heard, that of Montreal and James Husband (aka Jamey Huggins) have a split 7″ coming out as part of Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records’ ongoing singles club (most likely shipping date is in May). There are still some subscriptions available at the label’s website, and there may be individual copies of the single for sale when they’re pressed, but for now the only guaranteed way to get a copy is by purchasing a subscription for the whole series. However – the lineup for the series is great (including The Apples in Stereo, Tullycraft, Casper & the Cookies, Circulatory System, The Sunshine Fix, Fishboy, Red Pony Clock, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Cars Can Be Blue, and many more). For info, visit the label’s website, or their blog. Also, expect big James Husband news very soon.