Our very own Kishi Bashi is recording his debut album 151a, but he needs your help! Check out his video above, then visit his KICKSTARTER PAGE for more details.

From Kishi Bashi:

Hi! I’m Kishi Bashi and I need your support to independently release my debut album 151a in the spring!

Many of you have my EP, and I’m excited to tell you that I’m finally in the completion stages of my full length solo album. I could definitely use your support to release it in April. It’s beautiful and lush, intricate and exciting, and the most interesting music I’ve ever created in my life. I’m very proud of this album!

I’ll be acting as my own record label, and there’s thousands of dollars worth of costs associated with promoting the release (not to mention actually creating the album and manufacture the discs). I’ve been recording at home, but Idecided to mix and master it properly.

I’ve already been putting everything on my credit card, but I’ll be hitting my limit very soon!

Please watch my video, and if you like the music, please make a pledge to buy the album in the future by putting money down today. Of course if I don’t reach my funding goal by the end of the time period, no money will ever be charged to you… (that would be sad for me)

I have plenty of fun incentives to get you to pledge, so please read them, and if you have any questions please feel free to write me. Everybody who pledges will get access to exclusives that will feature special videos, acoustic songs, etc. as well as receive the album way in advance of the official release date. My dream is that you’ll know the songs by the time you see me on tour!

As you’ve noticed, I’m in full songsmith mode, so if you want a song for your boyfriend, mistress, small company, dog, nephew, supervisor, then I will do it! And if you want it in time for the holidays, I will deliver :)

Thanks for your interest and support and happy pledging!