Daughter of Cloud is a rarities album curated by Kevin. It features 17 tracks: 10 are previously unreleased, while the other 7 were originally issued on rare, out-print, or limited edition CDs and 7″s, all spanning the years 2007- 2012.

Releaese date: 10/23/2012
Available on limited 2xLP (cyan or black vinyl), CD, limited cassette (purple tape), digital formats.
Order Daughter of Cloudhttp://www.polyvinylrecords.com/daughterofcloud

Daughter of Cloud Tracklist

1. Our Love Is Senile
2. Obviousatonicnuncio
3. Sails, Hermaphroditic
4. Steppin’ Out
5. Hindlopp Stat
6. Partizan Terminus
7. Georgie’s Lament
8. Jan Doesn’t Like It
9. Feminine Effects
10. Tender Fax
11. Psychotic Feeling
12. Alter Eagle
13. Kristiansand
14. Micro University
15. Subtext Read, Nothing New
16. Noir Blues to Tinnitus
17. Expecting to Fly