1. Suffer for Fashion
2. Sink the Seine
3. Cato as a Pun
4. Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
5. Gronlandic Edit
6. A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger
7. The Past is a Grotesque Animal
8. Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider
9. Faberge Falls for Shuggie
10. Labyrinthian Pomp
11. She’s a Rejecter
12. We Were Born the Mutants Again with Leafling

Originally released by Polyvinyl Records, 2007
Kevin Barnes

Additional Contributions by:
Nina Barnes
James Huggins
Heather McIntosh
Bryan Poole

Album art by David Barnes



We just want to emote till we’re dead
I know we suffer for fashion or whatever
We don’t want these days to ever end
We just want to emasculate them forever

Pretty sirens don’t go flat
It’s not supposed to happen like that
Not like that
We’ve got to keep it physical

When our tele’s are 6 hours away
Please call to say that you miss me, feel me or whatever
Vicissitudes are boxing our heads
Like they just want to emaciate them forever

We’ve got to keep our little click clicking at 130 b.p.m. it’s not too slow
If we’ve got to burn out let’s do it together
Let’s all melt down together


You’re no different from the prints that crease the wires or
mosquitoes that now operate on your brain
thought that if I sank the seine I might find you

You’re no different from the claw they mic from the stair or
Fake diamonds that are glued to eyes of plastic crows
Thought that where the planters go you might find me


Cato play with my head I won’t know the difference
If we’re living in the novelist or statistician
Cato mess with my concepts, my innervision
Like a strobing light please confuse my every decision

I can’t even pretend that you are my friend
What has happened to you and I and don’t say that I have changed
Cause man of course I have
Are you far too depressed now to even answer the phone
I guess you just want to shave your head, have a drink and be left alone


I’m in a crisis I need help come on mood shift shift back to good again
Come on be a friend

Nina twin is trying to help and I really hope that she succeeds
Though I picked the thorny path myself I’m afraid afraid of where it leads

Chemicals don’t strangle my pen chemicals don’t make me sick again
I’m always so dubious of your intent like I can’t afford to replace what you’ve spent

Nina twin is trying to help and I really hope she gets me straight
Cause my own inner cosmology has become too dense to navigate

Chemicals don’t flatten my mind, chemicals don’t mess me up this time
Know you bait me way more than you should
And it’s just like you to hurt me when I’m feeling good


(the surrealists were just) nihilists with good imaginations

I am satisfied hiding in our friends apartment
Only leaving once a day to buy some groceries
Daylight I’m so absent minded nighttime meeting new anxieties
So am I erasing myself? Hope I’m not erasing myself

Guess it would be nice to give my heart to a god but which one which one do I choose?
All the churches fill with losers psycho or confused
I just want to hold the divine in mine and forget all of the beauty’s wasted

Let’s fall back to earth and do something pleasant
We fell back to earth like gravity’s bitches
Physics makes us all it’s bitches

Guess it would be nice to help in your escape from patterns your parent’s designed
All the party people dancing for the indie star but he’s the worst faker by far
But in the set I forget all of the beauty’s wasted

Guess it could be nice show me that things can be nice
You’ve got my back in the city you’ve got my back cause I don’t want to panic


I spent the winter on the verge of a total breakdown while living in Norway
I felt the darkness of the black metal bands
But being such a faun of a man I didn’t burn down any old churches just slept way too much just slept

My mind rejects the frequency it’s static craziness to me is it a solar fever?
The t.v. man is too loud our plane is sleeping on a cloud you turn the dial I’ll try and smile
We’ve eaten plastic weather this family sticks together we will escape from the south to the west side
My mind rejects the frequency it’s just verbosity to me
What did he say?

I spent the winter with my nose buried in a book while trying to restructure my character
cause it had become vile to it’s creature
And through many dreadful nights I lay praying to a saint that nobody has heard of
and waiting for some high times to come again

Dirty old shadow stay away don’t play your games with me
I am older now I see the way you operate
If you don’t hurt me then you die


The past is a grotesque animal and in its eyes you see
How completely wrong you can be
The sun is out it melts the snow that fell yesterday makes you wonder why it bothered
I fell in love with the first cute girl that I met who could appreciate George Bataille
Standing at a Swedish festival discussing the “Story of the Eye”
It’s so embarrassing to need someone like I do you
How can I explain I need you here and not here too
I’m flunking out I’m gone I’m just gone but at least I author my own disaster
Performance breakdown and I don’t want to hear it
I’m just not available things could be different but they’re not
The mousy girl screams violence violence she gets hysterical cause they’re both so mean and it’s my favorite scene
But the cruelty’s so predictable it makes you sad on the stage
Though our love project has so much potential but it’s like we weren’t made for this world
Though I wouldn’t really want to meet someone who was
Do I have to scream in your face? I’ve been dodging lamps and vegetables
Throw it all in my face I don’t care
Let’s just have some fun let’s tear this shit apart let’s tear the fucking house apart
Let’s tear our fucking bodies apart but let’s just have some fun
Somehow you’ve red rovered the gestapo circling my heart and nothing can defeat you no death no ugly world
You’ve lived so brightly you’ve altered everything
I find myself searching for old selves while speeding forward through the plate glass of maturing cells
I’ve played the unraveler the parhelion but even apocalypse is fleeting there’s no death no ugly world
Sometimes I wonder if you’re mythologizing me like I do you
We want our film to be beautiful not realistic perceive me in the radiance of terror dreams and you can betray me but teach me something wonderful
Crown my head crowd my head with your lilting effects project your fears on to me I need to view them
See there’s nothing to them I promise you there’s nothing to them
I’m so touched by your goodness you make me feel so criminal
How do you keep it together? I’m all unraveled
But you know no matter where we are we’re always touching by underground wires
I’ve explored you with the detachment of an analyst but most nights we’ve raided the same kingdoms and none of our Secrets are physical now


Saw her at GO kissing girls what a shock I said you must be an artist
She muttered her reply I was judging her friend as the dj played a dead jam
No one wants to dance they’re outside smoking cigarettes
Matthew was there yes he gave me the eye saying “it doesn’t kill to try” and blue lights all around

Eva, I’m sorry but you will never have me
To me your just some faggy girl and I need a lover with soul power
And you aint got no soul power

She lead me outside to the church with the swing there I was her confessor
Her come on made me blush was her crush for the night till I screamed
“Stop hey you must be aware I’m not alone, I’ve got a tigress back at home and besides you wouldn’t know what to do with me”
And under the blue lights you see them gossiping


Those with the golden x have tried to tell me
That the bird in my chest was dead but that’s never never never
She aint my thug no more aint no kind of killer
And she can break them off if she damn well please just as long as she brings it home to me and it’s still hot

Can you touch what I’m saying?
It’s like ooh did shuggie do it yet? no, wait

Those with the golden x have tried to tell me
That the sex in my walk was cotton soft but that’s never never never

With question marks in my eye and your strange name pressed to our lips
We arrived at number eleven so charged and ready for slavery
I won’t take the stage straight understand
Under capes with dirty cock dragons
I wanna put out so bad but something bad says the kid’s probably right

Are you deflating at the question? I don’t know
Now that the parachute has opened well don’t it make you feel good?
Be careful how you touch me my body is an earthquake ready to receive you mind’s making glaciers metals for my soldiers let’s be like strangers touching for the first time
skeletal lamping, the controller sphere, false priest


How you wanna tag my style when I am so superior?
How you wanna hate a thing when you are so inferior?
How you wanna mess how you wanna mess my spotless interior?
Let’s just say you are not the destroyer

I’ve got my bright girl near me she’s so much taller with a crisp endorsement from the C.C.A.A. Booty Patrol
She’s so meta, references Stendhal, shares my strange urge to smash a window in every house on our block

Delinquent days are here again

I’ve got my georgie fruit on he’s my dark mutation for my demented past time giving replicators somewhere to go but We’re authentic you can test my talons against your cursive body but the controller sphere has disappeared and it hurts

It’s like to disappear for ever but I’m not afraid

There’s two gods for every one, one, two gods for the beasts
An hour dead deflects our eggs on latitude 01 degree I trusted you no don’t explain
Moving in clipped tempos making sad dreams of the flags appearing crazy how the symbolism works, don’t look at them


My my you busted me like a robocop strike me with your riding crop
I’m forever going celibate tomorrow but tonight like success knows no shame

Oh no she’s a rejecter I must protect myself
There’s the girl that left me bitter want to pay some other girl to just walk up to her and hit her but I can’t I can’t I can’t

My my this demon heart of the master’s hand crush me why I don’t understand

And I know you’re not her cause the girl of my dreams is probably god still I want you


She says I’m boring her camera it takes more to delight the cadaver
Night eyes on icy patrol
Yours were not so nazi feline
Mine were as dead as monks and our particles are in motion

Night eyes producing ashes we love to view unfortunate passions
Still she brings my photo to bed
No mere limp verse could incite identity destruction
Our particles are in motion

Sometimes we’re not legible but we’re the same strange animal, let them say our love is peculiar don’t care
There’s only now no ever after, we won’t let this end in disaster, you are my twin no I will never go there