1. Disconnect the Dots
2. Lysergic Bliss
3. Will You Come and Fetch Me
4. My British Tour Diary
5. Rapture Rapes the Muses
6. Eros’ Entropic Tundra
7. City Bird
8. Erroneous Escape Into Erik Eckles
9. Chrissy Kiss the Corpse
10. Your Magic is Working
11. Climb the Ladder
12. How Lester Lost His Wife
13. Spike the Senses
14. Vegan in Furs

Limited Edition Bonus EP:
1. Know Your Onion! (The Shins)
2. Spanish Dance Troupe (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci)
3. Delinquency (V Twin)
4. Color Me In (Broadcast)

Originally released by Polyvinyl Records, 2004

Kevin Barnes

Additional Contributions by:
Andy Gonzales
Sara Kirkpatrick
Heather McIntosh

Album art by David Barnes and Nina Barnes



Come disconnect the dots with me poppet come disconnect the dots
Come disconnect the dots with me poppet come disconnect the dots

It’s so beautiful
Our lunacy
It’s so beautiful


Wearing an olive drab
But feeling somehow inside opalescent
Wonder how I’m managing to smile oh
When I can’t even pay my rent
Maybe it’s because I’ve finally found
My little tulip my Norge dear
Funny how in spite of all my woes
Life can appear rosy and clear
Rosy and clear

And I’m dizzy from her kiss
So vertiginous lost in lysergic bliss

Love the way you wear your curly hair
Sanguine and spiraling tied in a bun
Love the way it falls about your face
Mercurially gilded by the sun
If we were a pair of jigsaw puzzle pieces
We would connect so perfectly
Creating a still photo of a scene
From the Phantom of Liberty


I was gazing in your eyes
Seeing butterflies melting on the wall
Strangest thing I saw
Clever little guys wonderful surprise

Will you come and fetch me girl from the brink?
I’m starting to kink and I’m too numb to think
If this nightmare can’t be stopped
Go out and find me when I’m dropped

Onto a bail of hay looking the other way
From noncoms in machines squeezing tangerines
Emitting horrid cries wonderful surprise


On our trip to England I noticed something obscene
People still actually give a shit about the Queen
Though London girls aren’t snobs at all
And Brighton’s lovely in the Fall
Left alone to drive ourselves on the opposite side
Man it was a miracle that nobody died
Hanging out with Steven Drew, Theo,
Paul and Sorrel too
Eating at Welcome Breaks daily
We danced in Leeds with Brit Pop Haley

Performing with the Apples
And then crashing at the Wrights
Bitching because Steven booked us
On such early flights
Always in a foggy haze
Because we hadn’t slept for days
Every single one of our London cabbies played
The most truly repellent techno music ever made
But they’ll drop you without hesitation if you try changing the station

Up to our necks in crisps and litter
In the van we dubbed the Gary Glitter


You hit me so hard like a Wong Kar Wai beginning
I’m exploding in smiles my equilibrium is spinning

Rapture rapes the muses
But you don’t notice till it’s kissing you
Rapture rapes the muses
And the void that’s left confuses
It’s confusing

You keep me lit like antediluvian Troy
But one always reveres what ones bound to destroy

Gloomy Erebus is an anathema to me
All of them dancing like flames and the sad enmity
I wonder if I understand.
Am I too young to understand?


All I ever get is sad love
While watching all my friends find their happy love
I don’t understand why I should be without love

All I ever get is sad love
Always falling for the ones who feel nothing for me
Sometimes I think I should just forget about love

I was walking with my parents
Through St. Peter’s park
When I saw a young couple with a child
They were all holding hands and smiling
They seemed very nice, seemed to have a nice life

All I ever get is sad love
Feeling incomplete and below being loved
I don’t know why it has been so hard to find love

All I ever get is sad love
The unrequited kind is all I have procured
And it was nothing at all
Like what I’ve heard about love

Without love life has no great reward
Leaving us damaged or feeling so bored
Devoid of memories nothing to record
Wishing the ones that we adore loved us more


City bird haven’t you heard
Hasn’t anybody told you?
These city blocks can’t hold you
Your place is in the sky how can I show you?

City bird haven’t you learned
Of the boundlessness of your freedom
The sky is your blue kingdom
You neglect your wings like you don’t need them

City bird maybe these hands that feed you need you
Maybe you understand that city bird


The octopus in your purse
Is cursing like an evil sailor
But remember the knife is worse
For the editors of movie trailers

And if you want me to
I’ll help it’s all the same to me
Just tell me if you want me to

If you keep killing God in your eye
People will think you’re really callous
But no matter how hard you try
You’ll never be as weird as Uncle Alice

I’m not upset just confused and it’s so tough
I can’t relate to this world I’m not bored enough
Watch out the music will complete the change in you

To sing this song in braille
You need to be haunted by glass freckles
And if your color treatment fails
Well you can always talk to Erik Eckles


On a bus stop bench sat an ancient lady
It was clear she was dead yeah we all could agree
And that death had arrived quite unexpectedly
Cause the poor wretch died with a book on her knee

Chrissy kiss the corpse
Chrissy kiss the corpse

David drew a mustache under her nose
Nick put a burning match between her toes
I put a cockroach in her pantyhose
Chrissy put on some lipstick
And struck a dramatic pose

Chrissy’s such a pretty lass
As benign as broken glass
No one in her family knows
The vile hobby that she chose

Some cops came by so we hid behind a tree
I peeked out and they noticed me
And said fondling the dead is a felony
But you got nothing to fear
Cause we only came to see

Chrissy kiss the corpse
To see Chrissy kiss the corpse

Chrissy’s such a pretty thing
Gentle as a scorpion sting
No one ever would suspect
That her mind’s completely wrecked


Baby your magic is working
I lose control of myself when ever you are near me
I feel myself changing
From a guy too cynical for love
Into a blushing romantic
Oh honey I’d swim across the Atlantic
Just to be near to you I’m hopping like a kangaroo

Baby your magic is working
All of my friends think I’m mad
Cause I talk of nothing but you girl
How you’ve really changed me
For a guy thought too cynical for love
You’ve proven everyone wrong
Anywhere with you girl is where I belong
Everything is beautiful and you are the reason

Lately I’ve been so happy
Just holding you and gazing into your eyes
Like in a movie
You are a star…I mean a starlet,
Listen the night we met I fell in love with you
Who’d have guessed who’d have guessed
I’m in love I’m in LOVE!!!

How you’ve really changed me
From a guy thought too cynical for love
Suddenly I feel as light as a butterfly
And wanting to give love another try
Everything is beautiful and you are the reason

Baby your magic is working
My mirror’s reflection is you
Looking coquet and smirking
Now your magic is working


When I’m caught in a net and I haven’t a clue
All I’ve got to do is climb the ladder to you
Climb the Ladder

When there are ghosts in my coat

And everything is askew
All I’ve got to do is climb the ladder to you
Climb the ladder to you

All of these faces are crowding around me
With mouths open wide to devour
But they have no impact no I do not cower
Knowing I’m safe in your tower

When my pencil tips broken and my brain is too
All I’ve got to do is climb the ladder to you
Climb the ladder

When I feel like an oar in a sunken canoe
All I’ve got to do is climb the ladder to you
Climb the ladder to you

All of these faces are crowding around me
Like grey paint caked on a flower
But they have no impact no value no power
Knowing I’m safe in your tower


First there was the ‘fable of the bull’
Told by the picador
Then an Orwellian raping of a virgin apple core
An apple core an apple core an apple
Core an apple core an apple

Next our minds were supping up the horrors
That our vicious master’s whip
Was serving us in rituals nefariously hip
Wickedly hip wickedly hip wickedly
Hip wickedly hip wickedly

I had to don a disguise to see her slinking down
The snaking hallways to her chamber
But I wasn’t prepared to encounter the vision
Of she and It engaged in defiling of the sacred
In an instant her face became so plaintive
And I watched as she transformed
Into the Black Amaranth

The next morning I espied
In a window framed in brass
The story of her condemnation
Portrayed in the stained glass
In the stained glass
In the stained glass in the stained
Glass in the stained glass in the stained


Every second of every day I let me fancy play
And if the feeling strikes me
I deliquesce into the sky without waving goodbye
While contemplating a fractured pale cathedral wall
Death can’t touch me at all
Let its rapacious fingers with venomous stingers try
I’d like to see it try

Try to find a way to spike the senses
Till everything goes white

I had a vision of vinyl spiders in a cage
And now I avoid the stage
Cause though it was a trifle I still can’t stifle
The fear that they might just reappear

Climbing climbing climbing never falling
If it was up to me I’d freak the clouds
Let them fall and grip to the sea
I think the chemicals have done
Some evil thing to me


I used to think it black while at my country seat
Now I’m peaking in so many ways
Tthe gloom is in retreat
Yes the dark epoch is over I’ve found my efeblum
Then passed Ernst’s mausoleum defended by a rook
Who shot a look so virulent it pierced me like a hook
The palaver of Solipsists exploding in my skull

Yeah and we both despise all of the academic swine
Who made the author of “Discus Ulysses” benign

So what if Wednesday finds us
Wearing rabies parachutes
Foaming like the melodies of sea foam fairy flutes
The atmosphere is viscous we’re sticking to the brine

When the lanterns fill with finches
So begins the brawl
Cause their brains are like porcupines
And mine’s a paper ball
I know they don’t understand they don’t get us at all
Their moss mangles polyanthus
And mine’s a paper ball

KATIE AND CAROLINE (Japanese Bonus Track)

Princesses Princesses
Princesses Princesses Princesses
Katie and Caroline are
Tthrowing a tea party from 8 to 9
Everyone is happy and feeling fine
Grammy and Pa will be there
Of course Nanna will be there too
Katie and Caroline are a mix
Of smiling flowers and sunshine
And are as clever as three foot miniature Einsteins
Uncles Nina and Gonzo love them
Of course Uncle Mouse does too

And one day you’ll have real horsees to ride
And you’ll never ever want to leave each other’s side

Katie and Caroline never act
Real grouchy like a porcupine
They’re the sweetest creatures yes a flawless design
You’ve made your mommies oh so happy
And your daddies oh so too


He’d explain to you but it would take too long
Why he is right and everybody else is wrong
He’d endeavor friend to make your mind correct
He’d try but he thinks it would take too long too long
It’s probably simple math
That keeps him on his elevated path

While talking to him it is very rare
To sense that he’s acknowledging you’re even there
Or else he’ll speak as if you should be taking notes
But fears that you might steal
One of his brilliant quotes
There’s no idea that you could add
That he wouldn’t claim to have already had

He used to be a really decent guy
Before his insecurities enslaved him
Now his ego seems to be raging uncontrollably
Destroying every friendship that he’s ever had
I don’t even like to think about him it’s so very sad

Only a boy of three would dare act so egregiously

Now the kind of places he’s most often found
Are rife with pedants running topics into the ground
And the company that he is known to keep
Are all self important bores
That put you right to sleep
Yes I’d rather be hung
Than hear them discussing Carl Jung