1. Nonpareil of Favor
2. Wicked Wisdom
3. For Our Elegant Caste
4. Touched Something’s Hollow
5. An Eluardian Instance
6. Gallery Piece
7. Women’s Studies Victims
8. St. Exquistie’s
9. Triphallus, To Punctuate!
10. And I’ve Seen a Bloody Shadow
11. Plastis Wafers
12. Death Isn’t a Parallel Move
13. Beware Our Nubile Miscreants
14. Mingusings
15. Id Engager

Bonus Digital EP:

1. Jimmy
2. Feminine Effects
3. Little Rock

Originally released by Polyvinyl Records, 2008

Album alternately packaged as CD, Double LP, and a Digital Download w/Limited Edition Lantern, 9-Piece Button Set, Wall Decals, Tote Bag, T-Shirt, Sticker Set, or Die-Cut Poster

Kevin Barnes

Additional Contributions by:
Dottie Alexander
Alexis Daglis
Charlie Estes
James Huggins
Aaron Jollay
Heather McIntosh
Davey Pierce
Bryan Poole

Album art by David Barnes and Nina Barnes




my lover i’ve been donating time to review all the misinterpretations that define me and you

i’m thinking about you in my secret language,cause i know you’re the only one, who can help me take it easy
now i’m happy in the head knowing there aint no sucker in the world that’s a threat to us and we’ve become material
it’s like you were always there just on the tip of my tongue and i needed you to happen
and now that you’ve happened, i mean really really really came true
i feel like i oughta thank somebody, so i’m gonna thank you

so i’m calling your ass up at like three in the morning saying “wake up young dragon let’s go get compromised”
you be my little ally and you can have it which way you choose
now i’m so bombed out by your paradigm kisses, how i’ve hacked at our southern hemispheric eleven gods
now i’m cracking my sweet love


i’m the mother fuckin headliner bitch you don’t even know it, process it!

why is it white girls don’t ever have any ideas and they don’t even know what’s on my channel but that is true for almost everyone,
everyone but you, my goat my crab my scorpion, you’re my icons cause you’re different
all my wicked dreams have turned my head to wet concrete, don’t send me no more evil visions they just stab my heart

i’m just a black she-male and i don’t know what you people are all about, my chalkie people, you’re made of chalk
i just know how to make it peanut butter, like this

just to look at her is god
can’t you see it baby?

when we get together it’s always hot magic, when we get together it’s always we are the champions my friends
we gonna hit what we got to work with

you got such super wicked style
show it to me baby, let me see it baby, show it to your baby

all i care to hear, all the scuttling grey insects inside the house machines, know what comes next, some contemporary reference for they’re off our side
all i care to hear, elitist commentary about some Phaidon press limited edition, i hear the toy ball bouncing on cheap hardwood through their elegant conceit
all i care to hear, you have such power to destroy, no time to process that now, you’re so iconic in my mind


we can do it softcore if you want, but you should know i take it both ways
we can do it softcore if you want, but you should know that i go both ways

Georgie said romantic love is flat, only for people with no real ambition in their lives
but List Christie disagrees, she sees into the core of my poor machine
let me tell you what she sees,frightened cornered gemini tactics and attempts to crack the party code and there’s one more thing

our bodies became one and then we so really turned on, became a freaky permutation,something like Voltron
then i was wrapped in discourse with a magazine reader, the mutual conclusion was i’m not worth knowing cause i’m probably dead,
so i’m exposed but no solution


why am i so damaged girl? why am i such poison girl?
i don’t know how long i can hold on if it’s going to be like this forever
why am i so damaged, why am i so troubled girl?
i don’t know how long i can hold on if it’s going to be like this forever


does she know? you should know that i am not just searching for some first time high, i know it’s all about perceptions and i accept you as my very first mover

i remember riding bikes on Koster island, plotting midnight raids on the swedish plum trees, that summer it was too cold to swim
so we climbed upon the rocky shore and freaked out on the mountain goats but they were not impressed or scared of us
do you remember our last summer as independents?

i was a foreigner when you appeared from the shadows at the Mono club, i was a hater in the depths of an emotional hibernation
you sat me down we had some drinks and you told me all kinds of insanity, i asked your friend if you were available she answered “no, but yes, oh well oh well, yes and no”

now i’m viewing my memory reel in reverse, scrolling back to come to feel your weather then
now i’m noting the Himmlers of our parabola, to predict the points of “thou shall not return”

this inbreeding of ideas is intolerable, i wish david was here, i can’t take your persecution complex and i’m not going to absorb your stress output anymore,
don’t pimp out my heart


i wanna be your love i wanna make you cry and sweep you off your feet
i wanna hurt your pride i wanna slap your face i wanna paint your nails
i wanna make you scream i wanna braid your hair i wanna kiss your friends
i wanna make you laugh i wanna dress the same i wanna defend you
i wanna squeeze your thighs i wanna kiss your eyelids and corrupt your dreams
i wanna crash your car i wanna scratch your cheeks i wanna make you sick
i wanna sell you out want to expose your flaws i wanna steal your things
i wanna show you off i wanna tell you lies i wanna write you books
i wanna turn you on i wanna make you cum two hundred times a day
i wanna dry your tears every time you’re sad i wanna be your what’s happening
i wanna be your only friend

i only go all the way, this time i’m not pretending, i can’t take the trash your trashy friends are spreading about us,
they’ve got like V.D. personalities, oh girl they’re so messed up
you see that sculpture on the hill? that’s where she queered me out, forever
they’re monitoring my subconscious massacres i know, bringing it closer to the surface so it’s easily pervertible

i wanna be a beast i wanna make you proud and play with your head
i wanna take you out make you feel adored buy you everything
i wanna hurt you bad make you paranoid and say the sweetest things
i wanna help you grow, and for eternity, i wanna be your what’s happening

i see car bombs in your eyes
i hear angels apologize


they had painted her face like a man’s mistake, gang banging a sad return to the eagle shaped mirror,
i’m the kind of mannequin that cheats and opens it’s eyes to the ladies of the spread

she took me home and spit in my drink, she spoke of Germaine Greer and Friedan i didn’t know what to think
i took her standing in the kitchen ass against the sink, she draped me in a stole, what kind? i think Malaysian mink
then threw me out into the snow i waited for the bus, up comes some values voters screaming “are you one of us?”
i said “of course man, can’t you see i’ve got syntax reconstruction?”
what does that mean? no clue, must be illicit pentagram

i check my shutter speed my aperture my domino
can’t focus, can’t stop staring at the face i used to know, this life is not a prison we are always free to go at anytime
chinese stars chinese stars chinese stars my cousin had the rawist chinese stars

i’m trying to interface, you met me at such a dismal point on the arc, i think i understand what you were saying about the smiles of the skulls
the spastic face was the last one, our luck was white, i read it with my head open, i only slightly cracked, somebody else will have to close it when i’m done
and make the most out of the visuals
while walking through the wood i noticed someone had built a house for no bird in particular
they wanna destroy us, it’s time to penetrate their fantasy


i’m so sick of sucking the dick of this cruel cruel city, i’ve forgotten what it takes to please a woman but that’s all going to change
now the freaks wanna take me home to see if the rumors are true, so i kick open the doors and windows to let the world hear,sure there’s so much anger and pain,
but come and see there’s still some gentle people fucking to “Strawberry Letter 23″

my bitch, now we’re both laughing
maybe i’ll blow you whatever kind of kisses you want because you’ve got so much in common with my peacock creator

we function on the lowest human level but still somehow keep living
i thought it was over but it all still hurts the same, it still hurts the same

i only photograph my fascinations till the stress of the flash makes them fade
the danger is real but i’m mute to the feeling, we started by giving each other interesting new sobriquets
seduce the dream back to the surface, clarify my empty elephant of some beautiful death
it’s time to get to know the article that you’ll be stripping,ladies of the spread, you better keep my secrets in that perfumed poodle head
now it’s so come on to the replacement Dong Fang she retrieved from the bottom of the hotel pool
the lion leaked out of his pendant and then we talked about “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders”
e-v-i-l she loves to eat beautiful things

feeling voices again, not good, look the sky is pregnant with maggots cause something happened in the parking lot
i’m searching for the context, not finding it, don’t make it real for me, some things are better left victims


she sang “we wear the party all over our bodies and faces” but allows me to speak in wild abstractions
the senseless killings gifts god gives us have no one to love them
it’s the kind of thought that kills you twice on the way down, mystical instant witch, you might forget them but your nightmares they don’t forget about you
how they claw me in my false or foster reflection, is that my reflection in the Damascus blade? no
how they claw me in my foster or false reflection, who am i to defy my Wicken master

“you should call me sometime, i won’t answer but at least i’ll know you care”
“how will you know it was me?”
“what do you think, i aint got caller id?”

guess i should be happy for you, for your success and all that, but your fame ain’t got nothing for us
i supported you kid back when no one else did, you know i waved your flag back when no one else did
i just want things to be the way they used to be, when you only set a place for me

the greek chorus of my skull is choking on their dulcet tones, ten lashes on the ass of anyone who even tries
and heaven’s patients glaring down at us filling your womb with black butterflies
you don’t have to try and steal no nothing from my heart because for you, anything you want, it’s always free free free
texting your freaky fantasies to my phone, black condoms on vanilla ice cream cones
now that i’m not a virgin to you, you’ll never walk alone
far beyond a self abuser shame i live to make you call my name

guess i should be happy for you for your success and all that but your fame ain’t done nothing for us
i was your booster babe back when no one else cared
you know i celebrated you, i hollered for you girl, back when no one else even thought to
i just want things to be the way they used to be, when you only saved a seat for me
come back come back

i’ve been so abused by this black karma, i think i know where i got it from


turning tricks on the hood of Jasmin’s car, that whole summer was really just too peculiar
you know i would have given it up to almost anybody who had a little bit of money and was sweet to me
yeah i was down to give it up to almost anyone who was sweet to me

it was rough we had to crawl down to the basement for to hide from this digital wolf he had no eyes but he could see using electrical wind

biting the prick that feeds me in my sister’s bathroom, how can i function man, in the face of all this butchery
my mind is exploding with sloppy murders, they’ve really poisoned my sexuality
how can i function, there’s no more Apollonian beauty to behold?

lille venn the heart is not dead, it’s just bad weather in my temporary head
mamma my heart’s not dead


lover face, i view you as the revolver introduced in my play, act one
lover face, wanna make you ejaculate till it’s no longer fun
i confess to really being quite charmed by your feminine effects, you’re the only one with whom i would role play Oedipus Rex

i want you to be my pleasure puss i wanna know what it’s like to be inside you
i want you to be my pleasure puss i wanna know how it feels
when i give you that ooh la, ooh la la

lover face how your ass is pumping sweet licentious songs
lover face, you’re a scandal, your body is so wrong
bless my lips with your Sunlandic kisses while our hands explore each other’s human vessels, oh, you know, like four excited spiders?

you give me such a rush, make my whole body blush, i don’t care if they say you’re just my crutch i know you’re not, you’re the only good thing i’ve got
every thing’s so much more complicated over the phone

you are such a fucking star, oh you know you are, i just awoke broke through today, had the mind to call your name internally, through my seventh sense that’s hallucinating
anyway, we’re artifacts of demigodly zero logic denizens
oh, i just came in your arms tonight, you and i are friends not some polemic to be puzzled over, listen, they set my wings so randomly
when you’re dead i’ll search for you, like Orpheus, i’ll find you some way
you are such a fucking star, oh you know you are, i’ll tell you one thing i know, you want my kisses in your Narcissistic collapse
cause it’s so painful when they amputate the ego

see all the pretty corpses lined up along the beach, they’re ringing the bells of the church to drive everybody insane
as the patina lips of the fountain stallion vomits water on this shirtless little brat
i can’t get all those moving lights off her face
so i went out to the country, sat down on some straw
but i’m not putting for god tonight keeping my legs shut
it’s a mistake lighting little white candles to make him love you, he’s cold by any city’s standards and they wanna turn you down, it’s messed
“how bout if i wilt your plantations?”
“you know the nightmares, they don’t forget about you?”
i think i can do it by myself, i’m just trying to get healthy


all of my thoughts come from a foreign host, now i feel just like a ghost

don’t be afraid Lille Venn of violence, i’m only poisoning you, not going to stab you
don’t be afraid Lille Venn of my troubled mind, i’m just poisoning you a little with my gloom

there’s far too much light and noise, it happens to be not so nice, i must numb i must shatter i must defuse
this fractured consciousness this soft abuse

the identity i composed out of terror has become oppressive now
i must deny defy defeat this dark assignment, i’m over it now

don’t be afraid Lille Venn of violence, i’m only poisoning you, not going to shoot you
don’t be afraid Lille Venn of my troubled mind, i’m just poisoning you a little every day


you only like him cause he’s sexually appealing but i read his journal, it was very revealing
he fucked your sister in an elevator junior year, and let your brother suck him, but then beat him so he could prove he wasn’t queer
so what do you think he has in store for you, my dear?

you only like him cause he’s sexually appealing but i’ve seen him work and i am getting the feeling
he has some serious predatory domination issues, he goes to climax alone, his heart beats a busy tone

he’s the sort of guy who will leave you in a k hole to go play Halo in the other room, remember?
while you were bereaving Michael’s death, he was over at Rachel’s cooking crystal meth, oh don’t you remember?

you only like him cause he’s sexually appealing but his psychic’s prediction has him hanging from a ceiling fan in 8 months

all our wizard dreams are still not impossible, all our wizard dreams are still so possible, all our tough little dreams, you know, they’re still possible, and this goes directly to you

i don’t know what it is that you want from me, but you cannot have it, if you could read my mind, know what i really feel, i wonder, would we still be friends?


boy, i wish you weren’t such a paranoid actress, and i, the assassinated candidate, i feel like an accidental species, some mutant love child, never meant to be
no motion dancing, i feel like we’re an impossibility, trying to keep the heart in the head,
but i was so down on the closing night, couldn’t even fake a smile, wanting to fire all my friends and just start over again

sisters, don’t you know, our shit is only going to get better? i feel like the last time is going to be my final collapse
sisters, don’t you know, our shit is only going to get better? i feel like that last time is going to be my final collapse

i know from past experience, he never takes it easy on his readers, and you become a foreign substance lying in your familial bed

technology makes such an ugly mother but no lessons does it offer, only chaos scenarios
and the dream that we’ve inherited, look, it’s just random numbers
still they love you at the office cause you’ve been the subject of countless masturbation fantasies


he’s just a slutty little flirt and sister he’s only going to hurt you, watch yourself,
ladies i’m screaming out to you from the depths of this phallocentric tyranny
my self concept is awaiting your invasion clumsy penetration punishment, when the hope of another wet nightmare is all we have to live for

can’t help it if it’s true, don’t wanna be your man, just wanna play with you

he predicted the 8 bit empire, now he occupies the blur as well
when asking why the kisses are sorrowful, remember the howl of our first verse
my memento, “little star”

Ninjas, prove it!!!