1. You Are an Airplane
2. The Inner Light
3. When a Man is in Love with a Man
4. If I Faltered Slightly Twice
5. Disguises
6. On the Drive Home
7. Secret Ocean
8. I Felt Like Smashing My Face Through a Plate Glass Window

Kindercore Records, 1999
Artwork by David Barnes



Just before the afternoon creeps in
Just before it gets too hot to be outside
I like to lay on my back in the grass and
watch the airplanes go by and I dream that
you are an airplane shooting across the sky

You are an airplane
You’re a strong and dangerous machine
When you fall you’ll fall down so fast
When you crash I want to go down with you
We’ll make such a horrible mess

Just before the eyeball appears
Just before the little birds go to sleep
I like to stand on my head and pretend
that I am a control tower
and that you are an airplane
and I can talk you safely to the ground

The way you live your life makes me nervous
If you were to die
I’d have no reason to be alive
cause you are my only friend


I’ve heard about inner light it makes the
brown in your eyes look watery
I felt something while talking to you, Gently
intoxicating I felt the source of your inner light
It’s such a struggle though I know I have to,
I just can’t bring myself to touch it
I need to feel the inner light
I want to be the angel God sends to you
To keep you on the right course although I
Just don’t know if I believe in it
It’s such a struggle though I know I have to
I just can’t bring myself to touch it
I need to feel the inner light.


Now a man loving a woman that’s a very
Common thing common but beautiful all the same
Still there’s something so neat something so
Extraordinarily sweet with a man who’s in love
With a man
I have nothing to say about the traditional ways
They’re fine if they work well for you
But there is something so right so completely
Out of sight
With a man who’s in love with a man
Or a woman who’s in love with a woman
They should never feel ashamed because it’s
So important to do the things we want with
Whoever turns us on
Now a man desiring a woman that’s a very
Common thing common and really rather dull
There is something so strange something so
Wonderfully deranged in a man desiring a man
Or a woman desiring a woman….
Men are usually fighting each other that’s
Why I think it’s so special when a man and
A man are in love It’s so good It’s so special
Now a man kissing a woman is a very
Common thing common but usually
Quite nice still there is something so fine
Something so beautifly devine In a man
Kissing a man
A man kissing a man


If I faltered slightly twice singling a double or
Botching a landing if that was my routine it
Was Torture
I know that it’s not an understatement there
Will be no wedding to you, I wont have
Trouble understanding
You’re the biggest lie of all I told to myself
And now we’re being honest
There was something in your bed while you
Were sleeping there in your friend’s bed
Not quite the person you were in love with
I used to think I had somebody watching
Over me


There’s an echo in my body echoes slide
Down the roof
You looked like heaven in bloom, I might now
Look deep in those eyes
Whose kindness moves my Texas to Oklahoma
Drops of light on the bed roling off into a
Puddle on the floor You unbuttoned your life
And let me go
My eyes are as brown as blueberries love
Must put a mountain outside every window
I was crying my eyes out everything I drank
turned to cherry cola tears, iced tea tears
I want to grab your words and fill them with
Coffee there we lie like monkees in our beds
Burying each frown that gets born
I’ll climb up under your nightgown we’ll try to
Tickle a laugh out of the mattress
I’ll use your boobs for a pillow

Japanese bonus track

I got dolls with silk and sashes then I tore
Out their eyelashes
Mom would wonder if I was evil when I’d
Covet my brother’s Kenievel

Christmas time is filled with joy but only if
You’re a little boy

I got a rocket and a fire truck how I always
Cursed my luck
I never wanted trains or trollies all I wanted
Were paper dolls

Christmas time around the world is only good
If you’re a little girl

We never get what we wanted cause what
We really want is each others presents
This may seem bad or just plain silly but we
Could change the tags from Sally to Billy and
From Billy to Sally

I think we know now how we can be happy
We found a way to fool Mommy and Daddy
In a few years we many run into messes when
You start wanting to wear my dresses


Japanese bonus track

Do you remember that one Christmas when we
Didn’t think we’d be together.
We were almost seperated by the weather
But I ran through the snow
Right up to your window and smiled cause I
Was so absolutely happy to be with you

All our relatives were too afraid to drive
Through the snow
We got to spend the day alone, I swear it
Was the most beautiful day I know

We sat by the fire and opened the presents
That we’d gotten for each other then after
You telephoned your mother. We cuddled on
The couch, drank cocoa by the tree and you
Smiled cause you were so absolutely happy
To be with me

The day went by so fast and as night
Approached we laughed at our luck. The
Snow had let up
After the roads were cleared all our relatives
Suddenly appeared
So we blew out the candles and replaced
Frank Sinatra with Phil Spector’s Christmas record
Our grandparents filed in all plaid and
Checkered with their arms filled with gifts
And delicious desserts and we smiled
Cause we were so absolutely happy
So very very happy to be together