After the release of Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? in 2007, Kevin had the idea to record of Montreal performing back-to-back nights in Los Angeles at the Avalon.

With the help of friend Craig Zobel (Compliance, Great World of Sound), a crew was assembled and the first multi-camera professional quality shoot was attempted of the band.

The following fall, filmmaker Jason Miller began documenting the Skeletal Lamping tour. With a show featuring just as many non-musical performers as musicians on stage, this tour was far and away the biggest live production we had ever attempted to that point.

Jason rode on the bus for the first week of the tour, capturing moments on stage and off, and was in attendance for the now infamous show where Kevin took the stage on horseback. Following his week on the road, Jason assembled a crew and filmed our entire set at the Tabernacle in Atlanta.

Then we just kept filming. We had cameras rolling everywhere we went: music festivals (Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Culture Collide), on the tour bus, backstage, in the studio — nowhere was off limits.

We even just discovered a box of old camcorder tapes that date back to the very early days of the band. This is the earliest of Montreal footage known to exist.

Earlier this year, we realized that we literally had 100s of hours of footage. As 2012 comes to a close, we are finishing what has developed into a comprehensive, feature-length documentary showing of Montreal from the beginning to the present date.

This project is 16 years in the making. We are asking for your help to finally bring this film to life.

In order to finish the film, which we’ve titled Song Dynasties, we need to bring a crew on the road to shoot the final round of footage and conduct interviews, as well as pay for their flights, costly venue filming fees, digitizing dozens of old tapes, lots of hard drives to store the footage, editing the documentary and the list of expenses goes on and on.

If this Kickstarter project is successful, we’ll be able to wrap filming and editing this winter and have a final cut of the film in March 2013!

In return for your pledge, we’re offering a number of exclusive rewards including an extremely limited LP of early recordings (the earliest oM recordings known to exist – earlier than The Early Four Track Recordings). The album will be called Young Froth/Taypiss, and you can stream a few songs below.

Check out more prizes and find out more about the project here –